FoFF Celebrates 20 Years!
Help Us Help Cats
for Another 20!

Thanks to caring people like you, FoFF celebrated its 20th year of helping feral cats throughout southern Maine in 2013. In that time, we have grown to have an office and part-time paid staffer. We have helped thousands of feral cats to live a life that they wouldn't have otherwise.

Some things have changed in 20 years but the mission remains the same: to trap and neuter feral cats, feed feral colonies, socialize kittens for adoption, and relocate to new barns if needed. In just the past few weeks, we trapped and neutered 15 unwanted feral cats and transported them to loving new farm homes.

We keep doing this because of support from our veterinarians and volunteers, and funding from people like you, who love cats and feral cats in particular. Your donations help in many ways: veterinary bills, food and supplies, office and marketing expenses, and more. Specifically: $25 can help feed a foster cat for a few weeks; $40 will buy an outdoor shelter for 2-3 feral cats; $75 will pay for an average veterinary visit; and $100-plus will pay for new wire kennels for rehoming barn cats.

You can donate by clicking one of the links below or mailing a check to the post office below.

Whatever you can give, our feral friends reap the benefits of a warmer place to stay, no kittens to worry about, and a reliable food source. Thanks for helping us be there for them. May your own holidays be bright.

Friends of Feral Felines